Moshcam: Slash video interview


I haven’t done many video interviews before, so thankfully I was off camera for this!

Meeting Slash was an honour – I’m a long time fan – but he proved a different interview subject. Questions about his other bands, Guns ‘N Roses and Velvet Revolver, were off-limits, struck off my list by management before the interview, and no matter the angle you took, he’d heard the question a million times before. Still, I was fairly happy with the responses.

Sydney Morning Herald: Lana Del Rey… “I’m not naturally controversial”


Just who is Lana Del Rey? It’s a question that’s dogged her ever since she set the web on fire with her showstopping tune Video Games last August. Right now though, it’s causing more immediate problems because her ‘people’ can’t find her. Continue reading

Rolling Stone: Gotye’s Mad World


“One guy wrote to me on Youtube saying ‘I just sat drinking cheap beer for two days listening to your track on repeat. I rode around to my ex-girlfriend’s house at 5am and stood outside her window until she saw me. I told her ‘I want to get back with you because I don’t want you to be somebody I used to know’ and they got back together.” Continue reading

Sydney Morning Herald: Hilltop Hoods interview

MC Daniel ‘Pressure’ Smith clearly recalls the days when Australian hip hop was considered a novelty at best and a punchline at worse.

”I remember being at the Dance Music Awards in Sydney in the late ‘90s and a manager of a local rock band basically saying to my face that we didn’t make real music,” Continue reading

Sydney Morning Herald: On tour with 360 interview

Riding shotgun with pop’s new anti-hero at the Groovin The Moo festival

“Today’s going to be f—ing off- tits,” beams Matt ‘360’ Colwell as we jump out of the Tarago. It’s a sunny afternoon in May and we’ve just arrived in Maitland for the next stop on the Groovin The Moo festival tour. The mood amongst Colwell and his crew – MC wingman Joel ‘Bam Bam’ Chamaa, manager Rae Harvey and audio engineer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison – is one of excited anticipation. Continue reading

Rolling Stone: High Court rules on controversial radio cap

This story was first published in Rolling Stone on May 2

In a disappointing setback, the Australian music industry has lost a High Court bid to scrap a controversial cap on royalties paid by commercial radio. The cap, introduced in the Copyright Act 1968 to protect a then-fledgling radio industry, limits the fee to broadcast Continue reading