Frankie: First and Last Times with Julia Stone

First time you and Angus performed on stage together
It was at an open mic night at the Coogee Bay hotel in 2005. Angus played a few acoustic songs and then got me up to sing some harmonies with him. We sang a song he’d written called ‘Tears’. It’s a beautiful song which I still really like it but he’s never wanted to record. Performing was pretty nerve-wracking. I’d had a glass of wine before and was a bit out of tune I think. On the way home, he told me I probably shouldn’t have wine before I sing.

Last time you played with someone you admire
Performing ‘The Captain’ with Kasey Chambers at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year was amazing. When I was fourteen or fifteen, her album was one of the only cool CDs I had. I was so into it. That song was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar. When we went on tour with Kasey, she asked me to sing it with her, which was a massive thing for me. I was really nervous but she’s such a warm person and made me feel relaxed. Angus ended up coming out and playing harmonica as well.

First time living in London
It was pretty exciting, but lonely too. We live in Notting Hill so we’re just down the street from the market. I think we were much more active when we first got here. We did the open mic nights down the road. We’d pack our stuff into cabs and buses to play random places all across London.

Last time you got heckled at a show
It doesn’t happen very often, but we did play this one gig in Inverness, Scotland. There was a guy and his girlfriend who must have been on ecstacy or something. They were fully hooking into each other right at front and talking really loud. He was right in front of me playing piano and was fully off his chops. He kept asking me if I was going to take him home!

First time you wrote a song about someone and they realised
This is going right back into the memory banks. I used to play songs to my dad as a kid and because he’s a music teacher, he always listened out for the structure and rhythm but not the words. I wrote this song because I was angry that he hadn’t listened to my lyrics in previous songs. Instead he’d say ‘oh it could have been longer’ or something. So I played this song and at the end, he said ‘is that about me?’

Last time you got stage fright
When was the last gig? Every gig we get nervous.

First time you heard one of your songs on the radio
It was early on when we did a show for Triple J’s Home and Hosed program. Angus and I were really nervous as it was the first time we’d done a radio interview and we played ‘Mango Tree’ in the studio too. It was pretty embarrassing hearing ourselves speak but the song was okay.

Last time you threw a tantrum
The other day, we were playing ‘Just a Boy’ in the lounge room. I normally play the piano but really wanted to do the tambourine bit. But it’s such a loud instrument, it drowned out everything else and you could barely hear Angus. He stopped playing and asked me to play the piano instead so I just chucked the tambourine on the floor and walked out. I came back downstairs half an hour later and we all started laughing. I thought I sounded so good.

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