Rolling Stone: Empire of the Sun review

Walking on a Dream (Capitol/EMI)

If Pnau’s last album promised a euphoric night out on the tiles, this new project between wily frontman Nick Littlemore and Sleepy Jackson singer Luke Steele is the cure for the fractured morning after. Picking up where their Pnau collaboration “Without You” left off, the pair conjure up gorgeously plaintive electro-pop, topped by Steele’s timeless voice that drips with whiskey and nolstagia. On the title track and “Standing on the Shore”, their alchemy is instantly apparent, though sadly the gold is harder to find in the record’s hazy second half (“The World” and “Swordfish Hot Kiss Nite”). Still, at their peak, there’s no denying Littlemore and Steele have touched on something beautiful and otherworldly here.

Score: 3.5/5

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